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EP-2604854-A3: Control method of a wind turbine generator patent, EP-2614861-A3: Medical/surgical personal protection system including a fastening system for holding the hood to the helmet so the radius of curvature of the hood face shield varies patent, EP-2617978-A3: Actionneur d'inverseur de poussée intégré et actionneur de buse à jet à section variable patent, EP-2618630-A3: Dispositif de chauffage et procédé de fonctionnement d'un dispositif de chauffage patent, EP-2639507-A3: System for supplying a working fluid to a combustor patent, EP-2642050-A3: Ensemble de verrouillage d'une fenêtre ou d'une porte pour un bâtiment patent, EP-2645134-A3: Schleifenrahmen patent, EP-2672625-A3: Apparatus and method for adjusting volume in a terminal patent, EP-2811261-A3: Prädiktive Transitberechnungen patent, EP-2829307-A3: Bildverarbeitungsprogramm, Bildverarbeitungsvorrichtung und Bildverarbeitungsverfahren patent, EP-2846408-A3: Actuation device for an electric connection terminal patent, EP-2892079-A3: Elektronische Schaltungen mit einem MOSFET und einem Dual-Gate-JFET patent, EP-2924685-A3: Punktzahlanzeigeverfahren und computerprogramm patent, EP-3119021-A3: Multi-antenna apparatus using different interleaving patterns patent, BE-1013231-A3: Verbeterde afdichtingstrip. patent, BE-1014156-A3: Distributeur a deux fonctions. patent, BE-1014582-A3: Chariot monte sur un bati et bati pour un tel chariot. patent, EP-0002837-A3: Radiation curable coating composition comprising an oligomer, and an ultra-violet absorber patent, EP-0012834-A3: Aminoorganosilicon acylamino compounds patent, EP-0018594-A3: Process for the preparation of 3-(1-hydroxyethyl)-azetidinones patent, EP-0027738-A3: Einbruch-Alarmsystem patent, EP-0044120-A3: Process for the preparation of phosphoric acid and calcium sulphate anhydrite as well as phosphoric acid and calcium sulphate anhydrite obtained by this process patent, EP-0046537-A3: A method of preparing a catalyst for the polymerization of olefins patent, EP-0048825-A3: Microprocessor controlled machine patent, EP-0053321-A3: Substituted derivatives of phenoxy cinnamic acid, process for their preparation, their use as herbicides, intermediates and the preparation thereof patent, EP-0055499-A3: Kautabletten, die einen hohen Lipidgehalt haben und nicht ausschwitzen patent, EP-0056662-A3: Extrudable compositions for making refractory cores patent, EP-0073460-A3: Laminar batteries and methods of making the same patent, EP-0073470-A3: A cycle patent, EP-0075334-A3: Pharmaceutical compounds, and preparation, formulations and use thereof patent, EP-0088418-A3: Quinophthalone compounds, process for their preparation and their use in the dyeing and printing of textile materials, paper, leather and for the preparation of inks patent, EP-0104140-A3: Discharging device for a container of bulk goods patent, EP-0117148-A3: High pressure apparatus patent, EP-0126566-A3: Load cell apparatus patent, EP-0127398-A3: Compressors and turbochargers patent, EP-0129821-A3: Vorrichtung zum Versorgen von Chlorella patent, EP-0137395-A3: 4-(hydroxyphenylthio)-benzoates patent, EP-0138199-A3: Method and electron gun for generating an electron beam, particularly of high current density at the surface of its utilisation patent, EP-0143988-A3: Processes for preparing hydroxyaromatic oligomers containing triazine groups and for preparing epoxy resins from the oligomers patent, EP-0148329-A3: Durch Hitzeeinwirkung härtbare Polyesterurethan-Überzugsmassen mit zwei Komponenten auf Lösungsmittelbasis und mit hohem Feststoffgehalt patent, EP-0153187-A3: Recovery and towing vehicle patent, EP-0165372-A3: High tenacity acrylonitrile fibers, a process for production thereof, hydraulic substances reinforced with same fibers and a process for production thereof patent, EP-0165868-A3: Optical system with high collection efficiency, and cytofluorimeter using such a system patent, EP-0166923-A3: Hochleistungsbipolartransistor mit einem zwischen dem Emitter und der Extrinsic-Basiszone angeordneten leicht dotierten Schutzring patent, EP-0171984-A3: Thérapie du cancer à modalité de combinaison patent, EP-0172703-A3: Production of ammonia synthesis gas patent, EP-0183323-A3: Verfahren und Struktur zur Desaktivierung und zum Ersetzen eines defekten Speichers in einem PROM-Gerät patent, EP-0185601-A3: Surge/stall cessation detection system patent, EP-0190045-A3: Image recording method and its apparatus patent, EP-0193064-A3: Process for the preparation of 4,4'-dihydroxydiphenyl ether patent, EP-0195230-A3: Procédé de régénération de coenzymes patent, EP-0216019-A3: Dispositif d'essai de matériaux utilisant des poids pour l'application des contraintes patent, EP-0216497-A3: Use of fibrous mat-faced gypsum board in shaft wall assemblies and improved fire-resistant board patent, EP-0218840-A3: Fluid-dispensing device patent, EP-0219291-A3: Cmos integrated circuit for signal delay patent, EP-0220507-A3: Process for the manufacture of carboxylic esters of polymers containing hydraulic groups patent, EP-0221267-A3: Arrangement comprising an air flow meter for an internal-combustion engine patent, EP-0221612-A3: Washing machine with a device for securing the tub during transportation patent, EP-0232215-A3: Inflatable structure with flexible membrane patent, EP-0239008-A3: Combustion equipment patent, EP-0246622-A3: Magnetic toner patent, EP-0250393-A3: Support for printed circuit boards patent, EP-0257301-A3: Psk system and modem patent, EP-0257340-A3: Faucet valve with noise reduction structure faucet valve with noise reduction structure patent, EP-0261756-A3: Shoe patent, EP-0265709-A3: Verfahren und Zusammensetzung zur Behandlung von Badewannen patent, EP-0267447-A3: A vertical dmos power transistor with an integral operating condition sensor patent, EP-0270920-A3: Method and apparatus to generate emission current signals in an alternating current distribution network patent, EP-0272540-A3: Burner with an injector system for a liquefied-gas container patent, EP-0273017-A3: N-alkyl derivatives of 2-amino-6,7-dimethoxy tetraline, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions having antihypertensive activity containing same patent, EP-0276816-A3: Transaction processing apparatus having plu function patent, EP-0282680-A3: Rundbiegemaschine patent, EP-0282968-A3: Camera apparatus for reducing torque load on motorized drive during film initialization patent, EP-0295788-A3: Apparatus and method for an extended arithmetic logic unit for expediting selected operations patent, EP-0304699-A3: Verbundstoff mit niedriger dielektrischer Konstante und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung patent, EP-0307984-A3: Bearings patent, EP-0310451-A3: Window slider patent, EP-0312739-A3: Apparatus and method for interconnecting an application of a transparent services access facility to a remote source patent, EP-0337466-A3: Process for determinating the thyroxin binding capacity and standard solution therefor patent, EP-0338610-A3: Electrical synchronous reluctance machine provided with intrinsic phase adjusting means patent, EP-0342401-A3: Dispositif pour déclencher un système de sécurité passif patent, EP-0348714-A3: Device for adjustment and fastening of a spherical lens and method for using the device patent, EP-0352755-A3: Spektralfiltermodul patent, EP-0355409-A3: Use of prolylendopeptidase inhibitors in the treatment of aids patent, EP-0363559-A3: Violin finish and finishing method patent, EP-0363929-A3: Thermal imprint ink sheet patent, EP-0367896-A3: Method for the simultaneous transmission of digital data signals in band-limited transmission channels patent, EP-0380238-A3: Appareil de lecture de disques optiques patent, EP-0386495-A3: Véhicule automobile avec système de sécurité patent, EP-0389954-A3: Device for guiding and holding a circuit board patent, EP-0394753-A3: Codiervorrichtung für auf eine Rückwandverdrahtung aufsteckbare elektrische Baugruppen patent, EP-0427913-A3: Process for adapting the regulation speed of the governor of the injection pump of an air compressing combustion engine driving a vehicle to the running resistances exerted on the vehicle patent, EP-0435347-A3: Blow molding method and apparatus patent, EP-0447260-A3: T12ca2ba2cu3ox superconducting films and process for their preparation patent, EP-0448951-A3: Low-noise amplifier with high input impedance, particularly for microphones patent, EP-0453235-A3: Photosensitive resin composition and method of forming conductive pattern patent, EP-0464837-A3: Method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate using semiconductor integrated circuit having dielectric separation structure patent, EP-0465230-A3: Silicon-based optical subassembly patent, EP-0466527-A3: Process for manufacturing the gate of a transistor patent, EP-0469601-A3: Rubber belting patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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